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Rapid Prototyping, Proof of Concepts for AI, Machine Learning and Data Science
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Our Rapid Prototyping PRocess

Rapid Prototyping, Proof-of-Concepts for complex AI and Machine Learning to test and develop solutions that drive true business value.

We creatively collaborate to determine and narrow the business use case based upon empathy for all involved.

We team-up, sync-up and build-up using methodology adapted from the leaders in AI, cognitive computing and design thinking, to create prototypes.

Ideas are tested, not just formulated. Engage your customers, key stake-holders and clients. Save precious resources, time and create a roadmap to success.


Think of us as a design thinking and innovation lab that comes to you.

Unlock data and get to the root of the problem

We team-up and ideate with key stake-holders to discover the root of problems. How to outpace competition? What resources and techniques can we and should we try?

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Ideate, design and build an innovative solution

We apply -- in a completely new way -- best practices. Our teams were trained at power-houses, in rapid-prototyping, and design thinking. The result is a useful, tested prototype and a road-map for innovation and value.

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Next Steps

The innovation does not stop with rapid prototyping. We help road-map and build out proof of concepts prior to enterprise implementations.

We are a bridge to success in the age of complexity.

There is no doubt that the number of, and complexity of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science solutions has exploded in the last several years. Technology seems to grow at a pace so rapid that teams cannot keep up. Our team has its pulse on the newest techniques, products and innovations. We understand those innovations because we are AI experts, machine learning and NLP experts. We can help guide, and when appropriate bring the right collaborators to the table. We have no stake in the game other than to be a trusted advisor and advocate for our clients.

Roadmap to Success

Testing and rapid prototyping is only the start of the picture. Our next step is to create a unique field guide to success. That means we will provide a detailed report of testing performed, how we built the rapid prototype, and next steps in the iteration and success cycle. We have a blue-print for success, and are an advocate on the road to success. We put the rubber to the road and stress test our rapid prototype with a proof of concept.

Iterate and Proof of Concept

First we rapidly discovered what does and does not work for key stake holders and clients, and road mapped our way to success. Now its time to build out a more rigorous proof of concept. This process typically lasts longer than a rapid prototype and includes an implementation on a larger scale with smaller execution prior to enterprise implementation. Proof of concepts allow pivots for refinement of original ideas to prep wider implementations.

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