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Data Bot Box is a unique consultancy in the heart of Austin, Texas founded by Jennifer Davis, Ph.D.  Dr. Davis works with clients across the US, Europe and Asia.  She has worked at IBM, Accenture and Fjord formerly and now leads Data Bot Box as its Senior Managing Principal. Jennifer provides 'white label', i.e., unbranded services.  She takes clients confidentiality seriously and will never disclose client names without prior permission.



These include (i) design of artificial and machine intelligence systems, (ii) business use-case analysis of 'out of the box' systems, (iii) custom research and implementation of complex machine learning ensembles.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the application of a suite of tools to mimic tasks performed by humans in a way that humans would optimally perform them.  This includes statistical analytics, machine learning and deep learning.  Conversational agents, chatbots and virtual assistants leverage natural language processing, natural language understanding and machine to human interfaces.


Monthly Discussions on AI Innovations

Want to untangle all the buzz words and get down to the meaning?  Need to understand the logic of why you are implementing a particular system?  The monthly blog posts on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science with practical insights applicable to the real world can help you. 

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Take the stress out of implementing an artificial intelligence system. You came to the right place for honest, transparent answers and outstanding technical understanding.

— Dr. Jennifer Davis


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